Rise Runner Summer Camp

Don't Miss A 'Summer Of Run'!

Join Coach Amber for a five week intensive summer program that centers around developing athletes for the upcoming cross country and track season.

The workouts will be twice a week with a run workout, followed by full strength and form drills, and closing in prayer.

Each workout will be geared towards the individuals fitness and time goals that will be set prior to the camp.

Youth Program

  • Dates Coming Soon!
  • Run workout, followed by a strength session.
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Teen & Adult Program

  • Dates Coming Soon
  • Run workout, followed by a strength session.
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* Days Can’t be combined
* 24 hour cancellation notice required for reimbursement
* Each individual only meets twice a week with Coach Amber at designated location

Five Weeks of Success

Over the course of five weeks we will work through different training phases that are the fundamental blocks of Rise Runner’s training programs.
These workout regiments are guaranteed to get you fit and strong for your fall cross country season.

Week 1

Form Mechanics & Strength Training

Week 2

Endurance & Strength

Week 3

Anaerobic & Strength

Week 4

Interval & Strength

Week 5

Taper Time

Summer Camp Signup

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